Platforms to earn interest on your BAT

Free BAT from browsing on your Brave Browser sitting idle doing nothing? Consider these platforms to make it work hard!

NOTE: Today’s article will focus mainly on how you can earn interest on your BAT. The platforms highlighted are subjected to personal opinion and usage and it is extremely important you DYOR before transferring your investments to these platforms.

EXTRA NOTE: Some readers will mention that the platforms mentioned above has other advantages highlighted, like I won’t deny that there are advantages in using such as providing the MCO Card or other investment options, but this article is mainly focused on BAT interest earning.

The image above summarizes the 4 crucial points in my opinion that will entice someone to utilize the platform. These points are:

  • The annual Rate of Return (RoR)

On RoR, there is no need for explanation. Higher numbers = higher returns.


  • Any minimum sum required?

Some of us are new to Crypto and are risk-adverse. Putting in huge sums immediately to platforms might raise certain red flags on how safe is it.

  • Any lock-in period period?

Following from the previous point, new investors would prefer the option to bail ASAP if they sensed something was amiss. Or, looking on the positive side of things, they would want to re-invest their returns as soon as it is available.

  • Any bonuses to earn for considering the platform vs the others?

Who doesn’t love bonuses? If I am trusting my assets to a certain organization, I would want something back in return in what we term ‘fair-value’. Fair-value is subjective to personal opinions.

Not sure how to start investing? Consider reading this article.

I hope the chart above allows you to make your decisions easily!

Personally, I love Celsius because of the $30 + $40 DAI bonus that will be given to you upon depositing funds in your wallet (unlocked after 30 days).

I have also been using for its versatility and the ability to earn cashback in CRO on every purchase. However, to get higher interest rates, you have to stake more CRO, which defeats the purpose of no lock-in in the first place.

For Gemini, rave reviews have been given for its outstanding services and ease-of-use. I haven’t personally gotten to using it, but will check it out as I am a Brave Creator myself!

I have an account with YouHodler and I like that their StableCoin rates are one of the best. They have other functions like the Multi-Hodl and Turbocharge which allows you to potentially multiply your crypto up to 30x and take loans easily by cloning your collateral & using the ‘cascade of loans’ principle.

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**Disclaimer: What I am providing is not financial advice. The thoughts expressed here are meant for your own research purposes. Always, ALWAYS conduct your own research into the variety of options out there before you come to a final decision




A Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Fitness & E-Sports Enthusiast interested in sharing digestible, free content to the world!

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Chang Teck Goh

Chang Teck Goh

A Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Fitness & E-Sports Enthusiast interested in sharing digestible, free content to the world!

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